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Boyfriend and Girlfriend


Are you still single while you best friend is crazy in love with her/his boyfriend/girlfriend? Are you tired of waiting for Mr or Mrs Right to come along and cannot stand people telling that you are still young or being too picky? Do not worry, there is nothing wrong with you. And no, all the best guys/girls are not taken yet if you are perhaps wondering.

Meeting new people and dating have underwent a major change in the recent years. People are no longer standing in line to get into the hottest clubs or hanging around in pubs waiting for someone new to come along. More and more people, including the cool kids are taking advantage of the Internet to interact with other singles, make new friends and even find love.

There are basically two ways to meet new people via the Internet. The first option are various social networking sites which allow you to hide your identity and reveal who you really are only when you are absolutely certain that you can trust your online friend. However, it is important to keep in mind that you are not the only one who can hide behind a nickname. As a result, you never really know whom you are interacting with until you actually meet him or her. And yes, there is always a chance that you are talking to someone who is not who he or she appears to be. You could be talking to a girl who is pretending to be a boy and vice versa. Even worse, you could be sharing your deepest thoughts with an adult who is pretending to be of your age. It is relatively uncommon but it happens.


The second and far safer way to meet new people and perhaps your new boyfriend/girlfriend via the Internet is to sign up to an online dating site. In contrary to social networking sites, most dating sites assess everyone who signs up for membership which means that there is a great chance that you are actually “dating” a person who is really of your age and of the opposite gender. But do not worry though, you do not have to reveal who you are in name and surname nor any other personal information with the exception of age, gender and perhaps the place of residence. Also, you are asked to give a brief description of yourself, for example your hobbies and interests along with the “type” of boyfriend/girlfriend you are looking for. This allows other members to get the “first impression” about you and enable you to look for a person who fits your description of a perfect boyfriend/girlfriend the most.

When you find a person who might be Mr or Mrs Right (or you get found by him or her), you can arrange an online date to find out more about that person. If the date does not work out, you simply move on to the next “candidate”. But if it does seem to be working, you may arrange a meeting in person and who knows, perhaps make an end to your single life.